Take part in the 1st edition of the Trailer Grand Prix and promote your film on the international film markets!

The Trailer Grand Prix is ​​a festival dedicated to movie trailers that takes place annually in January.

The association The Wild Room, organizer of the event, aims to put the spotlight on trailer, the main tool for promoting cinema films, and by extension the films of which they are a presentation.

60 trailers will be selected and one of them will receive the prize for the best international trailer. A prize for the best French trailer will also be awarded.

The first edition of the Trailer Grand Prix will be held in Paris in January 2022!

Axel Brücker

Producer, programmer and writer, Axel Brücker is the great specialist of trailers in France.

For thirty years, he was the organizer of FIBA ​​- International Festival of Trailers which took place during the Cannes Film Festival. 

His private trailer collection contains over thirty thousand titles.

Alexandre de Villeneuve

Producer at Golem & Linea Films and Secretary General of The Wild Room Association, Alexandre de Villeneuve organizes with France Télévisions the A Ton Court competition for young cinematographic creation.

The Trailer Grand Prix responds as much to its appeal for the mode of expression that the trailer represents, as to its essential importance in convincing an audience.

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